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Andrea Ivory - Educating by knocking on one door at a time

Facing a grim situation makes a person determined more than ever to fight to survive. The same was no less in case of successful real estate agent in Miami, Andrea Ivory. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. A moment which turned her life upside down with the constant struggle and the eventual over coming of the fatal illness. During the ordeal, she tried to make sense of how so many others in the same predicament lost their lives instead of surviving thru it. She realized that the key to her story was the fact that she was fortunate enough to detect the illness at an early stage rather than when it was too late. Her access to good doctors and the insurance to cover the expensive treatments allowed Andrea to overcome the illness and sparked a new mission to her life as well.

Andrea set her mind to educating women about breast cancer and early detection and how to receive low- or no-cost mammograms from there forth. Her skills as a real estate agent came in extremely handy while mapping out the neighborhoods and homes least likely to have access to health care. Her project, Women's Breast Health Initiative in Miami Lakes, Florida seeks out uninsured women aged 35 onwards who are more likely to be diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. Her mantra cannot be any simpler than: "Early detection is the best protection." Armed with a clear mission in mind and clipboards and leaflets in hand, Ivory leads a group of volunteers to start knocking on doors in their city. Every weekend in the spring and fall, Ivory along with college students, senior citizens and suburban mom spread out across low-income communities in southern Florida, educating women about breast health. "The only thing that we have to fight this disease and lower the mortality rate is early detection," she says. "We are the troops on the front lines."

Today, the group knocks on more than 10,000 doors each year. The operation has its phases which run like clockwork. The first three Saturdays of each month are devoted to reaching out to women so as to distribute educational material and sign them up for free mammograms. The last Saturday of each month is devoted to sending in a large mobile mammography van from a partner hospital which is fully equip with the screening technology needed by these women. Andrea's team manages to do all this without any funding from the federal, state, or local government. "I love knocking on doors," Ivory says with a smile. "I like to think of us as little pixies spreading breast cancer awareness." As an extension to the movement, the organization has set up a website called www.b4pink.com in order to reach out to more women nationwide. Since 2006, Ivory has helped provide more than 500 mammograms to eligible women.

For Andrea and her team, each day is a fresh chance to educate women about fighting the disease. She is strongly determined to expand her reach to other parts of Florida as well as around the country. "In the future, we want a fleet of mammogram vans. We'd love to do outreaches all over the country," she says. "No woman needs to die from breast cancer. I can't be a doctor, but I know I can save a life. Every time I knock on the door, it's a chance to do that."

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