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Evans Wadongo - Inspirational & Motivational Stories

Evans Wadongo: Wherever he goes, the light follows!

23 years old Evans Wadongo is the most loved son of rural Buruburu Kenya. He lives in a family of five. His father and mother are teachers. He had to walk over 10 km daily to reach school. Both his home and school had no electricity but he beat the odds and graduated from Kakamega High School with top marks. In 2009, he acquired BSC in Electronics and   Computer Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

How often do we take our daily life situations as a source of inspiration? The answer is equivalent to that of zilch figure. His life-story gives us an insight into the mind and body of a victorious soul. He was like any other local child studying without electricity and proper amount of food to eat. The whole economic situation is so tightly gripped that either they could spend on fuel or food properly. Evans remembers the   constant fights among his brothers and sisters over the use of a single kerosene lamp that they had. Evans says his eyesight was affected when   he was in primary school because of the smoke emitted from the kerosene lamp commonly known as koroboi in Kiluhya. Evans wears glasses for his short-sightedness but the constant pain in his eyes still remains.

He remembers the deploring financial condition of the neighborhood families which combined with non availability of electricity made it very difficult for the young and aspiring kids in the neighborhood to study. Students were forced to come out of the schools at an early age and remain ignorant all their lives. It cannot be labeled as a single problem in itself but the root cause of many.

Nobody was aware that one day Evans would make his sufferings and of those around him to count for something as substantial as developing a solar lamp for the betterment of neighborhood societal. Wadongo's was determined to see Kenyans overcome poverty, poor health and illiteracy. With his determination and expertise, Evans started making $25 solar   lanterns for the people in remote areas with no access to electricity which he cites as the root cause of many problems. He calls the solar lamp 'MwangaBora', Swahili for good light and the project is righteously   titled as- Use Solar, Save Lives.

According   to Evans, "People there really suffer. They earn less than Sh100 a day.   It's not enough to buy food and kerosene for the lamp. The kerosene   lamps let out a lot of smoke. After using it too much while growing up, I  developed problems with my eyesight." This is part of what drives him   to give back to the community by supplying cheap solar lamps.

 He   has once said, "I want to reach out to as many rural communities as   possible. The impact is saving lives." These words display the strength of character and underlying belief that 'I' have a destiny to fulfill. With the availability of solar lamp, people can spend purposefully now to buy more food and clothes for their families instead of spending money on kerosene. Apart from significantly reducing hunger and poverty, it will build a future for the children of Kenya as they will now be able to pursue their education.

He has already distributed 14,200 lanterns and there seems to be no finishing line over here. "My goal is to have supplied 100,000 lanterns by the year 2015,  says Evans confidently. He further adds,  It is painful that poor people in villages spend the little money they get on kerosene. With the solar   lamps, they will be able to save the money and spend it on food and   clothing.

His   own suffering combined with a sense of greater good and a determination   to give hope to others has seen the emergence of evolutionary changes   in Evans. From being a normal everyday person, Evans now is a firm believer in the idea that you don't have to be rich to support the community.

True   to his belief, he has refused lucrative job offers to pursue his   passion, that is, bringing light to as many as he can. He eats one meal a   day to save more and works on the project without any salary or income   to be taken back home. The desire is to make and see people coming out of poverty.

He is a blessed soul, a messenger or divine light shining upon our heads like the solar energy running all through the universe. His efforts are bringing life to equality. He is a part of the bigger plans here.

 Wadongo's effort and determination have become a source of inspiration for thousands of people all around the world. No wonder, Wadongo was also voted as one of CNN's top ten heroes of 2010.

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