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Harmon Parker - Inspirational & Motivational Stories

Harmon Parker: Bridging rivers and gaps  within human society!

Rivers in Kenya cause much destruction  and devastation. In addition, lack of bridges on rivers in Kenya take away many  lives. Flash floods, crocodiles and hippos can make rivers impossible to cross  for isolated communities because of lack of bridges. David Kakuko who is  assisting to build a bridge over the Moruny River which frequently gets  flooded. A bridge that might have prevented his parents death. David says,  "Before the bridge, there [were] so many people, so many who lost their  lives. I know, because I have no parents. I have no parents, because this river  took them." Harmon Parker who came to Kenya in 1989 explains the problem  by saying,  "I've worked all over  Kenya and every community [has] a story of ... loved ones lost."

It all started when Parker first came as  a missionary to Kenya little knowing he will find out the real purpose of his  life. His friend, Jay Hindson, introduced him to the importance and necessity  of life called "bridges" and changed Parker's life forever.  Parker came across people and tragic stories  of their lives to be convinced to take the challenge of "building bridges to  life" Parker later recalled, Since 1997, as many as 45 bridges have  been built over number of different rivers in Kenya. Rivers which have not only  caused much destruction and devastation but have also taken many lives. These  bridges have been built by none other than Harmon Parker.

Harmon Parker raises the concern that it  becomes impossible to move to the other end once floods strike any village or  remote districts in inner-most areas. Life comes to a halt! Children cannot go  school. People cannot reach clinics, markets are closed and everything else  shuts down to complete silence. In his own words: "It was a plea from the community. I saw that building a bridge  could change lives and transform communities." These bridges do not just mark the passage or another path taken  rather it becomes a source of joy and happiness for the local villagers. They  can move freely.

Parker established a non-profit organization Bridging the Gap in 2003 to build bridges across dangerous rivers,  gullies and ravines not only to save lives but to also connected isolated  villages and communities to resources which can improve their lives. In  addition, he hoped that the organization would raise international awareness  about the problems of the people in the region.

He wants the villagers to actively  participate in the process of building a hanging footbridge so that they can  take pride as well as ownership of the bridge. He employs simple techniques and  basic materials so that villagers can maintain it independently, whenever the  need arises. Parker's hanging footbridges are, on an average, 120 feet in  length and cost about $6000 to build.

Its not been easy. He has fallen ill to  dangerous health diseases like malaria and dengue fever and on other occasions,  he was left at the mercy of robbers. But it a  journey he doesn't want to end.  He says "Knowing this bridge will save at least one life is what makes me tick.  I build bridges because I want to save lives, lives that I will never know  about". He added, "I feel I'm blessed."

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