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Josh Sundquist - Inspirational & Motivational Stories

Josh Sundquist - A United States Paralympic Ski Team who overcame rare bone cancer

Joshua Sundquist has gone thru a lot before becoming the known personality he is today. Like all youngsters, he loved the outdoors. He played soccer, hanged out with friends and did everything a normal child would do at that age. But one day, he began experience extreme pain in his left leg. After a careful analysis, the doctors revealed that Josh was suffering from a rare form of bone cancer and that he had a fifty-fifty chance of surviving it. Following months of chemotherapy treatment, the tumor refused to shrink and Josh's left leg had to be amputated at the hip at the age of 10.

He spent the next six years trying to get back to normal and live the life he's wanted to. In fact, he began ski racing and at the age of 17 he moved to Colorado to pursue the sport full time. For 6 years he trained hard and competed and was named to the United States Paralympic Ski Team. He also took part in the IX Paralympic Games, which were held in Turin, Italy that March in 2006. He also competed in two alpine skiing events for men - slalom and giant slalom. His ski-racing slogan was "1mt, 1mt" which stands for "1 More Thing, 1 More Time." After the Paralympics, Josh became more involved in soccer. In 2003 he was a part of the US Amputee Soccer Team in a 4X4 tournament and in 2004, hoped to become a part of the US Team at Amputee World Championships. On his return Williamsburg, Virginia, Josh graduated with a degree in business from The College of William and Mary's Mason School of Business.  Later he earned a Master's in Communications from the University of Southern California.

At the age of 10, Josh began speaking to groups about his experiences and gave his first motivational talk when he was 16. He has touched many lives throughout his speaking sessions around the country. Currently a nationally recognized speaker, Josh has spoken at many schools and businesses and not to mention even the National Press Club, The White House, Wal-Mart, RE/MAX, Boy Scouts of America, National FFA Organization, YPO, and Children's Miracle Network. Two years later at the age of 18, he became the youngest member of the National Speaker's Association. He is even the founding member of the Youth Navigators Roundtable, a panel of America's top motivational speakers for schools and youth groups. An avid writer, Josh contributed written material for the Daily Guideposts in 2001. With a subscriber base of 2.3 million, this monthly publication features first-person narratives of faith in daily life. A published writer in The Washington Post and in Newsweek's , Josh has even written for several books such as the Portraits in Courage and Teens Write Through It. His memoir, Just Don't Fall: How I Grew Up, Conquered Illness, and Made it Down the Mountain released on January 21, 2010 and went on to became a National bestseller.

Being an amputee himself, Sundquist's work with the amputee community was recognized as a CNN Hero in 2007. He founded social networking website for persons with amputations, called LessThanFour.org.  Josh had once said that Youtube was the only place where he felt he was normal. He had been vlogging  since 2009 and won the YouTube Global in 2011 where users were asked to vote to put one of four nominees on the front page of YouTube.com. Josh has won several awards for his achievements including an honorary position on Lance Armstrong's US Postal Service Cycling Team, The Heroes Among Us award from the Virginia State Legislature and The Discovery Card Tribute award

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