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We believe that the best way to get motivated and inspired is by reading inspirational and motivational stories who have overcome adversity successfully. Also, to get inspired all you need to do is read success stories of people who have overcome what had seemed initially like insurmountable odds in the beginning or stories of those ordinary who have stretched and pushed themselves to achieve something extraordinary. In addition, read about people who did not take short cuts to success, wealth and fame whatever the temptation and always did the right thing.

Our objective is to provide a wide range of inspirational, motivational and success stories here. We want to provide a place where everybody can come and get motivated as everybody needs motivation sometime or the other in his life.
It is always a treat to read about people who have pushed and stretched themselves beyond their capabilities to achieve something extraordinary. It is amazing to read about their sheer determination, passion for their work and unbelievable belief in doing the right thing.

As a keynote motivational speaker, Avinash Narula uses motivational and inspirational stories in his seminars. Also, our motivational products like books, CDs, posters & calendars have inspiring stories.

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If you feel that a inspiring story of a person needs to be included, please send us the details so that we can make him one of the inspiring heroes on our website. So what are you waiting for? Submit your motivational, inspirational & success stories at the earliest.

We welcome any and all inspiring stories. Just send us the story to our email customermath@gmail.com.